Friday, August 18, 2017

Rise From My Knees

Seven years ago today this girl walked into the room and I discovered that love at first sight was a real thing. That love has grown every day since. That moment changed my life, my perspective, my beliefs.

This blog doesn't see the creative work I do daily anymore. Not because I don't do it, but because my priority is simply doing the work. I like it more as a place to post poetry of mine that won't see the light of day any other way. 

But that doesn't mean I'm not writing, or that I feel any less inspired....or any less in love. 

Here's an example...

Rise From My Knees

Many things I'd dreamed 

But could never believe
And more I'd wished for
But never received 

I was taught I just need
More time on my knees

Many things I did see
In moments between 
Real smiles and dark skies
Campfires and high seas

I watched the dirt bleed
From time on my knees

The clouds would recede 
I scattered my seeds
Sometimes I'd recline 
And try to believe

I watched as the weeds
Grew high 'round my knees

I saw bitterness breed
As hope fled the scene 
So blinded by cries
I'd hide behind trees

And question that creed
Of more time on my knees 

I tried to break free
I searched for the key
I fought all the pitchforks 
Ignored were my pleas

No day left to seize
I fell to my knees

Then one night I see
Your eyes through the heat
You fly me up high
And we cry on your seat

A truth on the breeze
Sees me rise from my knees

Now time doesn't squeeze
The life from our dreams
Or tie up our insides
With lies and deceit

We have all we need
And now we believe 
This love never dies
Despite fires or seas

No trials come between
Our cuddling regime 
Our time spent aligning
Our eyes and our feet
Our hearts and their beats
Our birds and our bees

We'll fly beyond time
Not die on our knees

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why Is I Two

I'll never feel about me the way I feel about you
You are the open wilds, I am the zoo

I'll never feel about me the way I feel about you
You feed the river while weeds choke my groove

I'll never feel about me the way I feel about you

You - you, you you

The ache we feel, I created
The waking fear you faced, I debated
The waiting here that I did, you repainted
This hating jealousy will see it's goodbye
When I take the steps to stand up in the open sky

I'll never feel about me the way I feel about you
You are the talented, I am the nube 

I'll never feel about me the way I feel about you
You wear the V t-shirt, I wear the cube

I am not the clothes I wear
I am not what others think I am
I am not a cold lost soul, impaired
I am not what I hope or the dope might claim
But the thing I dig for I may not find, am I blind

I'll never feel about me the way I feel about you
You speak the words I think and feel, like they're new

I'll never feel about me the way I feel about you
You sail the sea where reality is true

I'll never feel about me the way I feel about you
What you could believe I put behind an excuse

Just coz a door is open doesn't mean
That it's easy to walk through 
You sing all the things that I lust, I just have you

You - you, you you

I don't know where I'm going but I gotta move on
Onto the open sky, where I is not two

Monday, July 10, 2017

We Live For Love, Then Die

My love is the sun
The reason, the one
The beat that feeds my upper
The seat that calms my gun

My love is the dark
The season, the mark
The heat that bleeds my sucker
The feet that kick my heart

My love is the haze
The blindness, the rage
Defeat complete and utter
The bleakness of the page

My love is the hand
The kindness, the plan
That kneels between the thunder
And pulls me from the sand

My love is the moon
Dim lit, a tune
Beguiling eyes that hunger
For creatures bred to wound

My love is the sky
Forever to die
Without a doubt I'm under
Expanse that wings can fly

The take, the break
Mortal weight that makes me cry

I've crept, I've slept
Nothing left but more goodbyes

We live for love, then die

Friday, July 7, 2017

Yo-yo. Yo

Yo-yo-ing's a bitch
Almost as annoying as the itch
That spurs the pull back up 
Not known to stop

Moving is the norm
No matter your flat or your form 
Going or coming, never with
Whether tripping, lifting
Ripping a bowl or a spliff

But now it goes high 
A black flash in the sky
Weathered rifle, sticky mud 
Rock n rhythm then the dub 

I'm feeling it flow 
For how long I'll never know
So at least keep watching now
Keep on eating, needing
Beating a pocket, then your frown

My yo-yo goes up and then down

A move I never seem to get down

My yo-yo goes up and then down

But not smooth or spinning 
Near the cradle or ground

Yo-yo, yo-yo
You stole the show
My yo-yo, yo-yo, yo

Yo-yo, yo-yo
At least you go
My yo-yo, yo-yo, yo

Thursday, July 6, 2017


On the wing
Don't talk about sin
It's nothing

On a swing
Don't talk
I'm talking


In the gone
Not on the forks
You listening



But keep going
Don't talk any more 'n
You're listening 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I don't know if I want you
But I know I don't want to
I don't want to

A friend of mine
Said a picture never lies
But I'm sure they might
If we try
But I don't buy

I don't know if I want you
But I know I don't want to
Just think I've got to

My girl
You're an ice cream swirl
I see the golden curls
I see the vaudeville show
The black weighty throne 
Some other guy you know
Fists, fights, gowns, kites

And I want to prove
I can do right by you
The guy who makes you move
The one most loved by you

But I've seen the signs

I don't know if I want you
But I know I don't want to
I don't want to
There's one here before you

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Sum

What's the sum
Of all the zeros and ones
Of all the bends and the beguns 
Don't you concede 
What you know makes you bleed

Where's the fun
When only heroes can become 
More than friends with loaded guns
Defined by deeds
And never by their seeds

Who's keeping score
Not the Christ and Jesus whores
Or some sacred prophet's poor
And twisted men
Only living for their end

I wanted more 
Each day's one less than before 
Forever passing never pause 
Without an end
Except the one that we're now in

The fear is real
The only real thing that I feel
Still I push it ever under heel
And on I run
Another staring at the sun

One last appeal
If I was ever meant to deal
If I was meant to climb this hill
Don't hold a gun
To my head so I'll succumb

Don't want to die
With all my hopes expired
With all my dreams retired
Or lost at sea
Along with who I'll never be

No longer lies
That I've learned to keep inside
Painted so vividly they've flied
Out around of me 
So that even I believe 
What a tale I've learned to weave
I've learned to hide
Instead of learning how to fly
And now there's only time left for goodbye