Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Sum

What's the sum
Of all the zeros and ones
Of all the bends and the beguns 
Don't you concede 
What you know makes you bleed

Where's the fun
When only heroes can become 
More than friends with loaded guns
Defined by deeds
And never by their seeds

Who's keeping score
Not the Christ and Jesus whores
Or some sacred prophet's poor
And twisted men
Only living for their end

I wanted more 
Each day's one less than before 
Forever passing never pause 
Without an end
Except the one that we're now in

The fear is real
The only real thing that I feel
Still I push it ever under heel
And on I run
Another staring at the sun

One last appeal
If I was ever meant to deal
If I was meant to climb this hill
Don't hold a gun
To my head so I'll succumb

Don't want to die
With all my hopes expired
With all my dreams retired
Or lost at sea
Along with who I'll never be

No longer lies
That I've learned to keep inside
Painted so vividly they've flied
Out around of me 
So that even I believe 
What a tale I've learned to weave
I've learned to hide
Instead of learning how to fly
And now there's only time left for goodbye

Thursday, June 30, 2016

End of June - Nothing's Now

One dozen months
Long enough for what
I have to do yet somehow not 

50 weeks
Plus two for me
For 50 years then I'll be free

Which days are life
Which hours are mine
Which years will make my memory shine

Which days are lost
Which hours I cried
Which years live on after I've died 

Nothing moves
Except the times
Nothing lives that doesn't die

Nothing's bright
Like my blue screens
Nothing's now except what's been

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Love and Words

Love and words - they don't combine
To fittingly show the former's shine
So today, instead of lines and lines
I'll give a touch to send tingles up your spine
A smile soon mirrored ear to ear
Connected eyes, making moments clear
A laugh to melt away concerns 
A cuddle to warm you as fire burns
Inside our hearts, just like that day
When we professed our love would stay
Through every year we ever know
Shall the depth of our love always show 


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Big Bird Soup

Big bird soup
Boiling your feathered friend whole
Til it all falls apart 
Freeing the muscle from the bones
Then you slurp the yellowy broth and hope
That somehow it helps you heal
But either way just bones remain 
and you're unsure how to feel
So you throw them away

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


In different rooms
Of the same round gold house

No view
Always looking through
Towards the other prison brother

A tune
They both once knew 
Is now an illusive wail on the wind

They lose
And search for more to lose
A sacrifice to the God that gives back past

A great storm comes
And tears the whole gold round house and all it's walls to the ground

Two alone
Staring at each other, unclothed, exposed
Seeing things they'd both hoped to dispose

Then one
Not wanting to see, runs
To embrace the other, see over their shoulder 

But one
Has seen the question
They'll need to answer from now til forever

Or maybe from now 
until they turn around 
and leave the other, leave the round gold prison, and their brother

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What's Your Number

What's your number
What's your number
What you taking
Don't you wonder

Feeling it
From every side
Feeling it
Deep down inside

What's your number
What's your number
Still them and us now
Gorging, Hunger 

Break it down
Til something breaks
Break it down 
Til the foundation shakes

What's your number
What's your number
I was born like this
You were born to plunder

What's your number
What's your number 
Keep those eyes down
Follow the others

What's your number
What's your number
A bed is much more
Than a place to slumber

Can be a home sometimes
Only roof you're under
Let's move it on
Get past the colour
More hypnotised
It's time for thunder
I'll take your hand
You're not a number

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Be Safe

Be safe
Find your place
Crawl the race
Blinded in the rising sun
Haunted by a plastic face

Join the crave
Dance the rave
Believe a TV or a tomb
Not a mind, not too soon
The cow jumps over the moon 

The tracks, the tracks
The clickety clacks
The fickety facts 
The wickety wacks
The sickety, sickety ball sacks
The inches, the pounds
The greens, the blacks 
The browns, the blacks 
The reds, the blacks 
In gowns, in hats
In ties, in slacks 
On beaches, or in cul de sacs

Be safe
Buy your place 
What you're given, what you take 
All in prison, all eat cake 
All the people dead for Franklin's head 
Drink coffee then get into bed
Check your coat but never check your head

It's what it said
These words of dread
Those shaking til the baby's dead
Those faking til their face is fed
Those breaking til it bakes some bread
Those aching til the malls are bled
Those raking til the scene is set 
Partaking til they've cleaned the plate
Mistaking their green beans for brains

Impressing we must join the train
Suppressing til we're all insane