Monday, February 5, 2018

Comfortable In Hell

Sometimes a hand
Is not inclined to help

Teeming with this
Need that won’t relent

Play the tape
Plan it straight
Poke out your eyes

Rule the flies
Fill up the skies
Decide what’s fake

You see it all outside 
Not like you haven’t tried
But likely to reside 
In this same place 

As far as you can say
You see what mouths relay
And only if it pays
Will you make space 

Sometimes a hand
Is not required to help

So wash a lot
Or simply don’t exert

An expert sets the bar
Before the bell

And needing is
A wanting that compels 

A fire feels like it’s heaven 
When it’s hell

Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Winnings

Everything is planned
The waves will all
Ways take
The writing in the sand

Up there on the wall
It hangs, defy
Alone here after all 

There’s a place I want to be
But it’s lost inside of me
Behind a mirror that I hold
Counting down to when I’m old

Everyone demands 
Your blood to feed 
There needs
To be more than the “And”

Down beneath the wall
We hang, defying logical
Scream before the fall

Suffocating hands
The winning of a
Simple plan 
That’s all but guaranteed 
To enjoy watching you bleed 

All through the foggy streets
Away and far from all
You want to keep
Unsmiling like you’ve seen
You’re always meant to be 

A place I want to see
When lost inside of me
Inclined to never want it sold
Knowing its worth what I can hold

A hand that keeps me right
And left me underneath a sight
That shines with yellow gold
Recovering the way I always know
One way
To leave
The winnings with the gold

Like one-hundred and nine
Teen strides I can’t define
And won’t resign myself
Away from all that’s sitting on the shelf
I could forget the beasts
And castles 
On a way
Vin to all of those that know
A life is not for sale

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

He Said, She Said

He said, she said
They said, we said
We don’t eat bread
At least not wheat bread

Keep it, smoke it
Feel it, stroke it
Real is feeling
No see through ceiling

He said, she said
He said, she said

He said, she said
He said, she said

He said, she said
Thee said, three said
We’ll keep reading 
Til we believe it

Kick it, beat it
Thick as three bricks
Wicked is as
Stupid speaks it
Stupid speaks it
Stupid speaks it
Stupid speaks it
Stupid speaks it

None, no, nothin, nada
Is real when he speaks 
Ignore the pesky facts and
Just keeps repeating
Speak the crap that you exact
Is what’s needed
And then you’ll see that everything is
Everything is
Everything is
Absolutely every fucking 
Thing in the world is

He said, she said
He said, she said 
He said, she said 
He’s head, she’s bled

He said, she said
He said, she said 
In bred, piss heads
Believe what we’re fed

He said, she said
P.C. upset
He can’t take it
Please fat man save it

He said, she said 
Peace when they’re dead
Eat or eaten
It keeps repeating

He said, she said
He said, she said 
He bled instead
So we can judge it
Judge, judge, judge, judge it

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Beans and Genes

I'd like you to hear the dreams
Of a grown-ass man with a little bag of beans
He picked up in Vegas back in Sep
The call was made and he lost the bet

Now lying in the comfy mud
Got those repeating beans in his blood 
He wipes all the mucky brown around
Makes his big brown bed without a sound

Beans beans beans
A little bag of genes
Full of different things
Good, bad and ugly and alluring

Genes genes genes
A little bag of beans
Full of distant dreamings
Could be your day or your undoing

Somehow good, a boiling pot 
Even as he burns he says he's not 
But warm brown mud and beans
Are a good recipe for growing dreams

And he still remembers how
He hoped for a brighter, cleaner now
And with more days of sun
There's a thick vine for climbing up upon

Beans beans beans
A little bag of genes
Full of different nothings
Good, bad and ugly and assuring

Genes genes genes
A little bag of beans
Full of distant dreamings
Some quickly dead but some improving 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Operator 25

Ask for me
I'm here, see 
Your American girl 

Once from Vera Cruz 
Now here for you 
Out East, be early please 

I see the things 
You're keeping, near 
Every moment of time 

Inside, out 
All about 
No longer even try to hide 

And besides 

I know the look 
That coin you took 
You're the winning kind 

When unsure 
When grey, bored 
I'm right here behind 

2 direct 
Even for a cleptomaniac 
Who lives to rise 

5 more million people 
Turn from the steeple 
All the woolen eyes 

By decree 
Ask for me 
I'm already on the line 

Lonely nights 
Days without sight 
Here waiting for my time 

When you need 
Me and mine 
Every resource 
Couldn't be more kind 
Whether your all 
Or what you leave behind 
I'll still be here 

Operator 25

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Insomniac's Silent Black Buzz

Ten to five in the afternoon
Everything happens too soon
Hot breath on my neck
I hear it, immense 
The only one who knows what happens next 

Shit stained glass jar
Can you hear where we are 
Alone in a silence no one wants to hear 
I may not be alone
But can't really know, all that's awake is my fear

Don't take the last of what I have to give 
Marching in the black dusty dream that I live 
Quiet that child, its not me, not mine
Who am I
When every blink could be the last time

Friday, August 18, 2017

Rise From My Knees

Seven years ago today this girl walked into the room and I discovered that love at first sight was a real thing. That love has grown every day since. That moment changed my life, my perspective, my beliefs.

This blog doesn't see the creative work I do daily anymore. Not because I don't do it, but because my priority is simply doing the work. I like it more as a place to post poetry of mine that won't see the light of day any other way. 

But that doesn't mean I'm not writing, or that I feel any less inspired....or any less in love. 

Here's an example...

Rise From My Knees

Many things I'd dreamed 

But could never believe
And more I'd wished for
But never received 

I was taught I just need
More time on my knees

Many things I did see
In moments between 
Real smiles and dark skies
Campfires and high seas

I watched the dirt bleed
From time on my knees

The clouds would recede 
I scattered my seeds
Sometimes I'd recline 
And try to believe

I watched as the weeds
Grew high 'round my knees

I saw bitterness breed
As hope fled the scene 
So blinded by cries
I'd hide behind trees

And question that creed
Of more time on my knees 

I tried to break free
I searched for the key
I fought all the pitchforks 
Ignored were my pleas

No day left to seize
I fell to my knees

Then one night I see
Your eyes through the heat
You fly me up high
And we cry on your seat

A truth on the breeze
Sees me rise from my knees

Now time doesn't squeeze
The life from our dreams
Or tie up our insides
With lies and deceit

We have all we need
And now we believe 
This love never dies
Despite fires or seas

No trials come between
Our cuddling regime 
Our time spent aligning
Our eyes and our feet
Our hearts and their beats
Our birds and our bees

We'll fly beyond time
Not die on our knees